Informational Hearings

Informational Hearing - 8/5/14

Vocational Training & Employment for Individuals
with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) & Related Disorders:
Challenges & Innovative Solutions

August 5th 2014
Tuesday 10AM – Noon;
Capitol Building Room 112


Informational Hearing on SB 946 (Steinberg) - 3/4/14


Entrepreneurial Philanthropy: An Important Model for Autism Research and Treatment in the 21st Century - 11/13/13

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Taskforce on Equity & Diversity for Regional Center Autism Services

Ensuring Fair & Equal Access to Regional Center Services for Autism Spectrum Disorders - 4/30/12

  Submitted Testimony & Public Comment


  News Reporting


Telehealth and Autism Spectrum Disorders - 2/22/12




Health Insurance Coverage For Autism Spectrum Disorders - 7/13/11


Health Insurance Coverage of Behavioral Intervention

Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders - 6/13/10

Committee Address