San Francisco - Marin Autism Regional Taskforce Members

Name Title Agency
Nancy Masters Director  Jewish Family and Childrens' Services
Barbara Leopold Grandparent  
Susan Wolfe Fundraiser, Grandparent  
Dr. Betsy Wolfe Doctor UCSF Infant/Parent Program
Amy Weiss Director Parent's Place, Jewish Family & C
Janet Babb Pediatric Physical Therapist Devlopmental Progressions
Dan Feshbach Co-Founder and CEO  Teachtown
Elaine Kaplan MFT Private Practice
Michael Kaplan MFT Private Practice
Dr. Barbara Kalmanson Psychologist Private Practice
Dr. Tina Gabby Developmental Pediatrician Private Practice
Brian Ruder Venture Capitalist  
Martin Bishop Marketing/Advertising Executive  
Karen Kaplan Founder  Marin Autism Colloborative
Robert Hendren Professor and Vice Chair Dept. of Psychiatry, UCSF
Dr. Melanie Johnson Neuropsychologist Private Practice
Rande Webster Assoc. Prof. of Special Education Dominican University 
Mark Jackson Founder and Developer Sweetwater Spectrum
Tom Dreyer Parent  
Angela Barker Parent   
Nancy Goldberg President Jewish Family and Childrens' Services
Michael Bernick Parent    
Rachel Norton Board Member San Francisco Unified School District 
Dr. Basil Bernstein President Calif Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
William Davenport Filmmaker  
Jim Shorter Executive Director Golden Gate Regional Center
Lynne Walsey Parent Advocate - private practice
Dr. Eric Tabas Parent     
Tara Knutson Community Resource Developer Golden Gate Regional Center
Darlene Rutkowski Administrator Department of Rehabilitation 
Juno Duenas Executive Director Support for Families with Disabiliti
Suzanne Giraudo Director of the Child Development Center CPMC  -San Francisco
Bill Pickel Executive Director  East Bay Housing 
Matt Guthrie Parent  
Dr. Clarissa Kripke MD, Clinical Faculty   UCSF
Shayla Duda Autism Specialist UC Berkeley Graduate Student in
Alan Fox Chief Operating Officer ARC
Stephen Bent Associate Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology & Biost UCSF
Dr. Elysa Marco PhD Pediatric Neurologist UCSF
Dr. Bryna Siegel Director of the Autism Clinic  UCSF
Dr. Glenn Motola CEO ARC
Margaret Farman Executive Director United Cerebral Palsy
Janet Lawson Executive Director  Autistry Studios 
Matt Tarver Walquist Day Programs Director Opportunity for Independence
Barry Benda Chief Operating Officer Lifehouse Agency
Penny Valentine Director of the Marin County SELPA  Marin County Office of Education
Dr. Richard Kunin Executive Director Society of Orthomolecular Health Medicine
David Brigode Senior Project Manager  Westbay Housing
Nancy Dow Moody President Lifehouse Agency
Henry Metz Retired  
Ann Kennedy Executive Director Carden West School
Sue Herman Teacher San Rafael City Schools
Jeanie Schram Organization Specialist Private Practice

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